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What is the Difference Between Botox® and Fillers?

By October 19, 2021October 25th, 2021No Comments

Hi I’m Dr. Mike Green. MGMD Aesthetics is my boutique facial rejuvenation studio located in Lakeview Chicago. Today I’ll tell you the difference between Botox® and fillers. The truth is they’re completely different. Botox is mostly used in the upper face and what it does is relax the muscles of the forehead. Basically Botox® relaxes muscles so that your skin doesn’t make the lines. When Botox® is  overdone, it can cause that “frozen face” look where you don’t have any expression. In my practice, I tend to lean towards natural so that you don’t look frozen. My whole “thing” is to make you look like a more refreshed, younger version of you… in a natural way.

Fillers can fill lines, mostly in the lower face, but we can use them all over and add volume. The main thing I use them for is adding volume, however I customize them to every single patient. This age of technology we live in is an amazing time because we have fillers that do slightly different things and can be used in different areas of the face. For instance, when I’m working in the cheeks, I use a filler that’s more structural and more sturdy. When I’m replacing or adding volume in the lips, I’ll use something that feels like lip because you want lips to be soft and squishy. Fillers will improve that volume.

Going back to the original question, the difference between Botox® and fillers is that Botox® relaxes muscles to improve the lines, and filler fills underneath the lines or replaces volume. For a free first timer consultation, contact me today and begin the process to finding your FABULOUS younger looking you!

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