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Why A Botox® Consultation Is Absolutely Necessary

By September 23, 2021No Comments

Why A Botox® Consultation Is Absolutely Necessary

A Typical Botox® Consultation

People ask me all the time what’s best for this problem or that problem? The truth is, it’s hard to tell unless you’re sitting right in front of me by camera phone or in person. That’s exactly why I offer a free Botox® consultation. I work with my patients in a no pressure meeting to listen to their concerns, debunk Botox® and filler myths, and make sure they have a complete understanding and accurate expectations.

As a leading Botox® doctor of over 2 decades, the first step I take is always to look at you and actually feel the muscles and strength so I can accurately determine where and how many units of Botox would help you most. It’s different for everyone. Safe Botox® is more of an art than an exact pinpoint since everyone’s face has unique quirks, spacing, and skin characteristics.

Medical History For Safe Botox®

It can be scary and daunting to muster up the courage to get to your very first Botox® consultation and appointment. A good doctor or healthcare professional will make you feel at ease during your initial meeting. A typical place to start is your medical history. It’s an excellent idea to have the following in mind when heading to your consultation.

Botox® Related Medical History Can Include:

Medical conditions
Surgical history
Family history
Any past Botox® / Fillers
Any other relevant medical history

Setting Botox® Expectations

Your healthcare professional will set realistic expectations and inform you about what’s possible. I like to take an educational approach. I listen to your goals and I watch and get a detailed understanding of how your skin and muscles move. An important part of the planning process is that I actually feel how each muscle moves. All of this allows me to take into consideration factors like medical history, age, what you would like to achieve, the amount of Botox® and injection site locations, and more. For me this is the only way to be truly customized and help you look fabulous.

Typical Discussion at a Botox® consultation:

Evaluation of face and movement
Current condition of skin
How much Botox and determining injection sites
Set pain expectations
Answer all questions
Potential Side Effect (very rare)

How To Prepare For Botox® Injections

During the consultation, we will go over how to prepare for your Botox® procedure. Make sure to wait 24 hours to exercise or take part in strenuous activities. Try not to lie down for at least 4 hours immediately following your treatment. Avoid rubbing and touching the injection sites. We will go over the possibility of side effects, although they are very rare. We will then set an appointment that works around your schedule to ensure these items are met.

Achieving Botox® Consultation Goals Together

At MGMD Aesthetics, we want to see you smiling and satisfied with your new natural looking self and safe Botox® results. When you look fabulous, you feel fabulous. We never pressure you into unwanted procedures and we are honest about what we think would look best for you. Schedule your complimentary consultation today at or call 773-549-4772. We’re located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, IL.

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