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Pricing and Services

While we understand the state of the aesthetic industry today, we truly believe that the most important consideration for any medical treatment is the experience of the provider and quality of the of the procedure being performed. At MGMD Aesthetics we strive to provide the highest quality and the most tailored treatment plan to achieve your goals and ultimately make you look fabulous. We offer decades of experience with very competitive pricing.

Each patient will get a complimentary consult which will address their concerns and desires for improvement. At the consultation, a treatment plan will be prescribed. This will likely include different treatment modalities expertly applied with timing to accommodate your budget and facial rejuvenation needs. Examples of our pricing are below, however there is no way to know the needs of each patient prior to the one on one consultation with Dr. Michael Green.

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Normal Price: $15 per unit

Dermal Fillers

$400-$800 per syringe
(varies based on the product used)


$1200- $1800 per treatment
(may require 1-3 treatments)