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What Is A Face Filler aka Dermal Filler?

Over time, the natural elasticity and fullness of your face and skin decreases. A facial filler is made of hyaluronic acid, a gel like substance that your body produces naturally. Facial fillers last for much longer than Botox and are naturally absorbed into the body over time.

Modern technology allows doctors to tap into an entire tool kit of age defying fillers. The truth is facial fillers is an art as much as it is a science. At MGMD, we have years of experience in order to place the right amount in the right places.

Benefits Of A Facial Filler:

Look younger
Feel more confident
Reduce fine lines
Correct asymmetry
Enhance or restore volume
Look better but not different
Reduce the appearance of scars
Appear like you had a good night’s rest

The Truth About The Face Filler Process
Prepare for your procedure by asking the right questions to your doctor and keeping a good skin care routine including moisturizing and keeping pores clean. The entire treatment should be approximately 30 minutes. A numbing agent applied to the area. The thin needle is placed very close to the surface of the skin and is noninvasive.

You will experience a minimal pain, small pinch. After the procedure, you should expect some swelling. You may experience slight redness and bruising for a few days. No need to worry. It is completely normal. Place an icepack on the area and be sure not to schedule any major social events and take it easy after your treatment.

What To Avoid
Alcohol 24 hours prior
Blood thinners like aspirin and ibuprofen before and after
Excessive sun and heat exposure
Heavy exercise immediately post-treatment

Top Facial Filler Brand Names:

A Face Filler Is Safe And Reversible Because
Facial fillers are made of a substance naturally produced in your body. In the rare case that you have a negative reaction, we simply remove the filler material with an enzyme so you can be confident it is completely safe. Over time, facial fillers absorb into your body and fade.

What To Look For In A Top Boutique Facial Rejuvenation Studio
You should feel completely comfortable and mentally prepared before your first procedure. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Ask about the tools and methods your doctor has available.

Use of high quality injectables
A no pressure environment
Doctor answers all questions to your satisfaction
Natural looking approach
Friendly and experienced staff
A doctor that calms your nerves
Reputable and trusted – check online reviews

If You Still Have Questions…
Do not hesitate to call Dr. Michael Green, M.D. of MGMD Aesthetics located in Lakeview in Chicago, IL at 773-549-4772 or visit

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