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6 Biggest & Best Botox Myths Debunked

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The best Botox ® doctors will sit with you to answer any questions you may have about your customized experience. Botox ® is an extremely popular medical procedure that millions of people have received with positive results. There is an overwhelming pile of myths surrounding Botox. I’m Dr. Green of MGMD Aesthetics in Chicago and I am happy to get to the truth behind the best Botox® procedures. 

The fact is Botox ® was originally created to help treat patients with muscle spasms and eye twitching. Then doctors noticed that it reduced fine lines around the eyes. Botox® is now a safe procedure used by many for anti-aging and a number of other non cosmetic reasons. If you’re thinking about the best Botox ® procedures, learn the truth here. 

Botox Before and After photo for Botox Myths Debunked by Dr. Green at MGMD Aesthetics

BOTOX ® MYTHS #1: That Frozen Zombie Face 

It is a complete myth that Botox ® robs your face of expression. Movies and the media joke around about not being able to control your face. The key is to find the best Botox ® Doctor. He/she will use the correct amount of Botox ® in the correct locations so you will not experience this – at all. With the best Botox ®, you can actually start conservatively and increase dosage only if necessary. The real bonus is that this can make you look natural AND save money. . Customization empowers patients to achieve their goals. Dr. Green has years of experience in injecting the tiny needles in the right places, combined with listening to what each patient’s goals for smooth and natural results . 

BOTOX ® MYTHS #2: Everyone Will Know You Had Botox ®

If you are going to the wrong doctor, you could end up looking unnatural. It is extremely important to find a caring doctor that you can trust with your face. Look at reviews and choose a doctor who specializes in Botox®. It won’t be obvious you had Botox ® injections if your doctor has experience in how much and precisely where to inject which will avoid over-freezing your face. Follow-up appointments are a sign of a caring Botox ® provider  and helps to be sure you reach your desired outcome.

BOTOX ® MYTHS #3: Pain, Bruising & Taking Off The Next Day 

The truth is that a tiny needle is used with the option of numbing agents. If you ask most people, they experience very little discomfort. Patients barely feel the needles or feel nothing at all. The procedure is totally tolerable. Side effects are mild and temporary. The procedure itself takes only a few minutes and there is minimal redness, bruising, or swelling if any at all. Most of this goes down after 20 minutes and you should start to expect visible results within days. You can even come in on your lunch break and continue with your normal schedule after your appointment. Botox ® is not plastic surgery, it is non invasive, and does not require anesthesia.The best Botox® procedures last for months with most patients scheduling only 4 appointments per year. 

BOTOX® MYTHS #4: Botox ™ Safety & Toxicity 

Botox ® is a protein and neurotoxin. Remember, Botox ™ is FDA approved as an anti-aging treatment.  When you hear the word “Botox” you may think of the “tox” part of the word and be afraid of toxicity. While every medication can have side effects, Botox ® is a purified protein solution and the safety of the formula has been tested over decades. A common myth is patients can get botulism. While there have been cases of Botulism caused by unethical people using counterfeit Botox ™,  it is very unlikely to be dangerous. Dr. Green will provide a very thorough consultation to answer any questions about safety and remember that Botox ® is not permanent. One of the best things about Botox ® is that if there is an undesired result, it will almost always wear off. Botox ® is one of the widest administered drugs on the market, with millions of doses applied. Long term use is reasonably safe. 

BOTOX® MYTHS #5: A Cure All For Wrinkles 

Even the best Botox ® will not cure all your wrinkles, only the dynamic ones with movement such as crow’s feet, frown lines, or lines on your forehead. Static, deeper wrinkles can be reduced using facial fillers.  Patients are often excited to learn you can do an extremely effective job in erasing wrinkles by using Botox in conjunction with facial fillers. 

BOTOX® MYTHS #6: Botox ® Is Addictive, Plus You Can’t Stop Once You Start 

Botox® is not permanent but the effects last for months and you can schedule a few treatments per year. You will start to see results after only a few days. There are no addictive properties in the Botox® solution so it is impossible to be addicted physically to the treatments. You do not have to wait until you start seeing major wrinkles to begin treatment. You can actually use Botox ® to prevent wrinkles. Botox ® simply weakens facial muscles, reducing wrinkles in the process. Starting injections sooner can help you age better. There are no negative side effects from stopping injections. You can use Botox ® for short periods of time or life events and can be stopped at any point. While staying on schedule will achieve the best results, you will not completely fall apart should you need to stop using it. 

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