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Please see this document I received from my building landlord. I will do my best to comply with these guidelines as well as post my own.

Sola Salons Covid-19 Policies


  • Our facility meets the capacity limits if we maintain 1 guest to 1 beauty professional. Unfortunately, this means no double-booking.
  • We have increased our cleaning schedule to daily. While you are responsible for the sanitation of your studio and door handles, we ask for your help in wiping down common surfaces in the restrooms when you can and frequently-touched items (door handle, elevator button) in the common areas. We will make sanitizing wipes and supplies readily available for this. Thank you in advance!
  • Your appointment schedule serves as your record of customers in the salon. Please ensure that it is accurate. The doors will be locked, so we will be unable to receive outside deliveries.

LIMITED GUESTS: We will have strict capacity limits. Only ONE GUEST per studio (two for double studios) may be at Sola at a time. No double booking is permitted. Individuals without appointments (including children) are not allowed in the salon. A child receiving service may be accompanied by one (1) guardian. Both the child and guardian must wear a mask and remain in your studio.

FEELING ILL:  Please inform your guests that if they are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms such as a temperature of 100 or higher, cough, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell they should not come in for their scheduled service. Encourage vulnerable clients to postpone services.


You and your clients must self-screen prior to entering the building. As required by the City, we will post a pledge at the building entry. By entering, you are attesting that you are not exhibiting any symptoms. Please do not come to work if you are not well. A no-touch thermometer will be available in the break room for your personal use. Please be sure to sanitize it before and after use. 

CHECKING IN: Your client should remain in their car or wait outside the building until you notify them via phone call or text message that you are ready to see them. This notification should be sent after (1) your prior client has left Sola and (2) your studio is sanitized. You can ask your client to dial your name on the door directory to buzz them in. This ensures that we are adhering to capacity limits at all times.


Only one person may use the elevator at one time to meet social distancing guidelines.


The front doors will be locked at all times so that you can control the one guest per chair requirement.

FACE MASKS: Face masks are required for all salon professionals and clients. All masks must be fitted with ear loops as they must be worn during all services.

If your client has forgotten his or her mask, you should have disposable masks available. Disposable masks are available for order in the Sola online store.

HAND SANITIZER: Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to Sola. You should also have a supply available in your studio. You and your guest should sanitize your hands upon entering the building and after each service.


Please sanitize and disinfect all work stations, tools, studio door handles and chairs between appointments. Please be patient and take the time to thoroughly clean. We recommend that you allow a minimum of 15 minutes between appointments for cleaning. Clean machine washable capes / aprons and towels after every use or use disposable capes / aprons.


Please do not congregate in groups and observe the 6 feet distancing rule when not performing services. The break room may only be occupied by one person at a time. For double studios, stylists should position their chairs at least six feet apart, even if it means you are not centered on the mirror. Please adjust to allow for 6 feet distance while the shampoo chair is in use.

RESTRICTED SERVICES: You may not perform any services that require your guest to remove his or her mask. These services include shaves, beard trims, makeup applications, lip waxes and facials.

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