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Top 3 Most Popular And Safe Botox® Injection Sites 

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Top 3 Most Popular And Safe Botox® Injection Sites

Safe Botox® Injection Sites On Your Face

Common questions I get all the time about safe botox® and where to inject include: Where do the needles go? What will make me look younger? How can I reduce the appearance of wrinkles? Although you can use Botox® on many parts of your face and body for various reasons, here are the top 3 most popular places patients get injected with Botox®.

Most Popular Injection Site Locations
Crows feet

Where Botox® Can Help You Most

As a leading Botox® doctor of over 2 decades, the first step is always to look at you and determine where Botox® injections would help you out most. It’s different for everyone depending on a variety of factors you can work out with your doctor.

The most common areas are between the eyebrows, wrinkles on the forehead, and the infamous Crows feet at the far corner of your eyes. Please see a future post for “off label” uses of Botox®

Safe Botox® and Eyebrows

(10-25 units)

Yes, you can receive safe Botox® injections between your eyebrows a.k.a. frown lines. This is a very typical site of Botox® because it’s central and noticeable on you and your face naturally scrunches up here when you get, ahem, passionate about life.

Using Safe Botox® Procedures On Your Forehead

(10-30 units)

Your forehead is front and center. Injecting Botox® carefully and thoroughly at the correct site, right touch, and the perfect amount is what makes the difference. Softening the wrinkles on your forehead can take years off. Make sure to feel comfortable about your procedure and you may need to go for a follow up if it’s your first time.

Crows Feet

(5-15 units each side)

Crows’ feet can be annoying and creep up on you. Soften the wrinkles to make you feel and look younger with a safe Botox procedure. Don’t avoid smiling just because you don’t want your Crows’ feet to show.

Look Fabulous With SAFE Botox®

Now you can feel confident that your doctor or healthcare professional is injecting safe Botox at all the right spots. At MGMD Aesthetic in Chicago, we focus in on giving you that natural, beautiful look. A sign of a good Botox professional simply uses safe Botox techniques to enhance your natural face so you look more like you but refreshed.

Contact Dr. Michael Green at MGMD Aesthetics today to schedule a free consultation or to schedule an appointment.

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