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Natural Botox® Results: Before, During and After Your First Treatment

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Natural Botox® Results: Before, During and After Your First Treatment

No Surprises In Natural Botox® Results

Reputation is everything for natural Botox® results. Surprises in life are great unless you’re talking about medical procedures like Botox®. The way to avoid Botox® surprises is to go to a trusted professional. That person will know what to expect for the first Botox® treatment and clear those first time jitters out of the way. He/She will also let you know if Botox® can actually do what you want it to or if another procedure is better suited to achieving your goals. Be on the lookout for someone who will recommend the correct procedure even if they don’t perform those procedures. Also look for someone who is not afraid to say “this won’t help you” or “you don’t need it yet” Honesty can be rare when they stand to make a profit.

Research Natural Botox® Results

Trust your instincts and your personal network. Casually bring it up in conversation with your social circle by asking if your friends or friends of friends know anyone who has tried out the simple procedure and received natural Botox® results. To learn exactly what Botox® is, read this article first on Botox® pricing and basics.

Step By Step Expectations For Your First Botox®:

What To Do Before My Appointment
What Happens During My appointment
What Should I Do After The Appointment

Before Your Natural Botox® Results

Research & Pricing
Consultation and Questions
Avoid aspirin or ask your primary physician about stopping blood thinners

Do your research, find pricing, contact multiple professionals, and read online reviews for natural Botox® results. You should feel comfortable beforehand. Once you settle in on the right professional, set up a consultation and bring your questions. It’s normal to feel anxiety or nervousness, especially about a procedure on your face. Botox® is a simple and low stress procedure. Remember not to take aspirin for one week and avoid drinking the day before the procedure to prevent increased chance of bruising.

During Your Appointment For Natural Botox® Results

The actual injections take 20 minutes or so
Expect minimal pain
Several small injections

The most important part of the visit will be the consultation. Don’t let anyone rush you through this process. A thorough conversation about your goals and a very detailed examination of your muscle movements is essential to achieving natural results. If you feel rushed or discounted in any way, you should probably excuse yourself and say “I’m going to go home and do some research and think about it.” Once you decide to move forward, your skin will be prepped with alcohol pads to remove makeup and bacteria. The doctor will do several tiny Botox® injections into the target areas. If you are concerned about pain, let the doctor know so they can provide an ice pack prior to injection. Typically your appointment will be brief and you will feel a small pinching sensation. The micro sized needle is not very painful but some people are still apprehensive and that’s ok. In reality, the anticipation is always worse than the actual procedure. Many patients report no pain at all. Remember to breathe and relax during the procedure.

After Your Botox® Appointment

Do not touch or massage your face
Take a break from your workout routine for the rest of the day
Refrain from lying down (especially on your face)

Once you leave the office, you may be tempted to touch your face and constantly look in the mirror. Try to avoid laying down for several hours. You also want to avoid causing any increase in blood flow to your facial area and vigorous activity. This will help you make sure the Botox® will stay in the correct places. Do not wear a hat or headband or anything that puts pressure on the injected areas to avoid shifting of the Botox®.

Natural looking Botox® results are a simple and safe procedure performed on millions of people each year. Most people have a little bit of redness and swelling at the injection site that disappears in about an hour. Minor complications are rare such as bruising, headache, and numbness which should resolve within a day. You can ice the area if you feel discomfort but do not apply pressure.

Botox® Follow Up

Natural Botox results do not require initial downtime or a recovery period. You can go right back to your normal day with the exception of extremely vigorous and physical activities immediately following the procedure. After your first treatment with a new doctor, the doctor should schedule a follow up appointment get to know your specific response to the treatment. By doing that they can fine tune your customized results. You should begin to see results in the first week following treatment. After 2 weeks, you should start seeing your natural Botox results.

Natural Botox® Results Takeaways

Overall, achieving natural Botox® results is extremely safe and FDA approved. The experience of the doctor doing your injections is the most important factor in your results. It will take a few days to start working. Try looking in the mirror each day after your initial procedure and smile, frown, scrunch up your forehead and test it out for yourself. You should also remember that Botox® is not permanent. In the unlikely event of a bad outcome, rest assured that it will go away. With the right doctor, you should be happy with your results and can go in a few times per year for fabulous results. Start looking like you – only more refreshed!

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