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How long does Botox™ last?

By December 17, 2019January 7th, 2021No Comments

Let me tell you how Botox™ works and I can get kind of nerdy on this because it really is fascinating to me when I think about it. Every time you move a muscle there is an electrical impulse that travels down to the nerve ending and causes these little bubbles of a chemical (acetylcholine) to be released into the space between the nerve ending and the muscle.

That chemical tells the muscle to contract and then the muscle fibers squeeze. All that happens in a millisecond! When Botox™ binds to the nerve it prevents those little bubbles from being released and therefore the muscle doesn’t contract. Once the nerve is blocked, the body starts to make new nerve endings. The new nerve endings are not blocked and over time, approximately 3 months, the new nerve endings overtake the old ones and the muscles are able to move again.

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