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About Dr. Michael Green

What is Doctor Green’s Approach to the Patient?

By December 9, 2019February 4th, 2020One Comment

I get asked all the time what is best for this problem or what is best for that problem. I can really only make those decisions when I am face to face with you.

So I make it a point to take the time in my complimentary consultation and really listen and understand what your goals are so we can decide if your problem is something that can be helped with Botox. Or, we may discuss facial fillers. It may be a combination of both or even a different modality, such as IPL (which I do not do) that would be more beneficial. I take a very educational approach and the first thing I do is listen to you. After I listen, I’ll let you know what I can do to address your concerns or if you should seek out something from another practitioner. I am not one to do the “hard sell” and I am happy to recommend the best procedures for you whether I do them or not. I am here to answer your questions, listen to your goals, evaluate what can be done and make recommendations. If there is something I can help with I am happy to provide that service with the goal of helping you look fabulous!

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